Hamilton Waterfront Trolley

Harbour-West Trolley Tour

Have you ever wondered what those 2 big domes are at the Hamilton Waterfront?  What is the Fishway?  I didn’t know that about the H.M.C.S. Haida.  What is that silver pavilion at Bayfront Park?  Come aboard the Hamilton Waterfront Harbour West Trolley Tour and find out for yourself!

In 2006 the Hamilton Waterfront Trust unveiled the Hamilton Waterfront Trolley.  The 37-passenger rubber tired trackless trolley allows both young and old the opportunity to travel along the Hamilton Waterfront Trail.  The 12km trail follows the shoreline of the western portion of the harbour which features many natural and built attractions, including active marine and rail operations, marinas and sailing/rowing clubs, children’s play facilities, historic bridges, and a shoreline and views so natural that you will think you are in Muskoka.  Your conductor provides a narrated commentary as you travel in this one of a kind vehicle.

OPEN daily from June 29 to September 2nd


The Tour is 45 minutes long - travels from Pier 8 to Bayfront Park and back.

***The waterfront trail has a floating bridge that is closed due to a structural failure at the Desjardins Canal and we will be unable to take you to Princess Point until the issue is resolved by the City of Hamilton.  We have lowered our pricing and added more tour times to accommodate our guests***

The Tour departs from Williams Fresh Cafe as follows:

10:30am -- 11:30am -- 12:30pm -- 1:30pm -- 2:30pm -- 3:30pm -- 4:30pm -- 5:30pm -- 6:30pm -- 7:30pm

The Tour starts on Pier 8 and takes you to Bayfront Park and back.

Purchase Boarding Pass at Ticket Office

$7.00 - Adults

$5.00- Seniors (age 65 & over)

$5.00 - Children / Youth (ages 4 - 17)

Free - Children 3 & under